10pcs DC  DC 10  32V to 12  35V 150W 6A Car Notebook Mobile Power Supply Adjustable Boost Module

10pcs DC DC 10 32V to 12 35V 150W 6A Car Notebook Mobile Power Supply Adjustable Boost Module

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Product Description

Module nature: non-isolated boost module
Module size: length 65MM* height 23MM* (width 56.5MM including heat sink)
Input mode: IN+ input positive, IN- input negative
Output mode: OUT+ output positive, OUT-output negative
Wiring method: no soldering, terminal
Input voltage: 10-32V
Output voltage: continuously adjustable (12-35V) our default delivery voltage is 19V.
Output current: 6A (MAX)
Input current: 10A (MAX) (more than 10A, please strengthen the heat,)
Output power: natural cooling 100W (MAX), plus fan 150W (MAX)
Easily drive 65W 90W laptops including dual cores
Using a 12V battery with a normal 19V 3.42A laptop module temperature is about 45 degrees
Conversion efficiency: 94% (measured when inputting 16V output 19V 2.5A) (for reference only)
Operating temperature: industrial grade (-40 ° C to +85 ° C) (ambient temperature exceeds 40 degrees, please reduce power usage, or add a fan)
Full load temperature rise: 45 ° C
No-load current: typical 25mA
Short circuit protection: None (please install overcurrent protector at input)
Input reverse connection protection: none, input series diode
Application range:
1) DIY an output adjustable car power supply, only need to connect your 12V power supply at the input, you can (14-35V) free continuous adjustment, but the output voltage can not be lower than the input voltage.
2) Universal car laptop power supply. The input is connected to your 12V power supply and the output is regulated to the voltage of your notebook to work.
3) Boost charger, you can use 12V power supply to charge batteries above 12V, such as 24V battery.
4) Power your electronic equipment. Just adjust the voltage to the voltage you need and the current does not exceed the rated current.
5) The system is the pre-stage power supply. When you are doing a project input of 10-18V, your system board needs about 24V power supply and its power is very large, but the power of ordinary DC-DC module is too small. , then you choose our module will be your best choice, you can work without debugging directly on the machine, easy to achieve high efficiency and high power boost.

Package includes:

10 x Power supply

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